Valencia Shores

2021 Exterior House Painting Project

IMPORTANT NOTE: Thirteen homes in POD 'O' who have chosen new color schemes will be showcased.  Follow  Showcase of the new color schemes for more details.
The Painting Task Force is pleased to provide you with information about the 2021 Exterior House Painting Project that will begin January with the common areas and in April with the residential homes.
POD specific outdoor color information sessions will be conducted during the months of January through June when you will have another opportunity to review the colors.
If you are in PODs ‘N or M’ this week of February 8th  is your time to come to the Social Club parking lot to help get your questions answered by the Painting Team.   
Next Color Information Session: POD E & D   May 25 - 26 between 10 -12 and 2-4 
Acknowledge Form (#2) deadline is June 11.
Please refer to the project’s calendar (Form #12) for more schedule details.
As the table indicates, two weeks after your POD’s Color Session will be the deadline for submitting your final decision using the House Color Acknowledgement Form (Form #1 below.)  As we explained above, this form accompanied the January 2021 Shorelines edition or can be downloaded from this site and printed.  You will need to fill in your decision, sign it and deliver it to your POD Captain’s home where a special drop-off box will be available in front of the house. 
Your original roof color as well as the name of your POD Captain with their contact information is listed on the Roof Colors with Street Addresses Form (Form #13 below.)
We strongly recommend that you read all the material available, participate in the color sessions before you make your choice and submit your final decision.  Once you submit form #1 you are committed to the decision you’ve made on that form. No exceptions.
Title and Descriptions of All Forms
Important Phone Numbers
Form 01 - House Color Acknowledgment Form
Form 02 - Homeowner Color Sessions & Schedule
Form 03 - New Color Scheme By Roof Color
Form 04 - Frequently Asked Questions
Form 05 - Homeowner Guide to Painting Responsibilities
Form 06 - POD Captains List
Form 07 - POD Captains Responsibilities
Form 08 - Exterior Color Scheme Legal Disclaimer
Form 09 - RCI Scope of Work
Form 10 - RCI Sample Power Washing & Painting Notification
Form 11 - RCI Work Order Form
Form 12 - Painting Schedule
Form 13 - Roof Colors & POD Captains by Homeowner Addresses
Form 14 - Showcase of Homes With New Colors (3/25 update)