Valencia Shores

Message from the President

A Message From the President
By Larry Schleyer
      As I settle into my new role at Valencia Shores, we have already seen positive changes in the ways of communication, cohesion and cooperation.  I was pleased with both the attendance at my first board meeting along with the combined efforts of my fellow board members.  I look forward to putting my spin on leading our monthly meetings and intend to continue engaging with the membership during the meetings.  It is my intention that by or before the April board meeting, we will have channel 999 fully operational and live streaming to the community.  This will allow owners who are unable to attend in person, the opportunity to view our meetings in real time.
      We are regularly meeting with Flakowitz to discuss the quality of service and experience at the café, and will continue to do so until we achieve the levels that we once had and deserve.  It has been great to see the large attendance at our Happy Hour events (of which we had three in March) and we will continue to brainstorm on ways to bring more social events and activities to the community. 
      I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Social Director, Tanya Harris, for her hard work and efforts in bringing Jayne Curry back to the Shores and our General Manager, Courtney Cady, for her assistance in assimilating the new board members and helping facilitate a smooth and confident transition while bringing us up to speed.  I am excited to continue to partner with management as we are finally able to breathe life back into the community and truly work to obtain a more normal atmosphere.
      During the month of March, we found ourselves searching for a new court maintenance vendor.  This sparked the new project and task of reviewing other contracts in place to ensure Valencia Shores money is being spent wisely.  We are in the final stages of updating the reserve study which will be instrumental in reviewing and preparing future budgets.  We also conducted the Committee Orientation as well as elections of chairs and vice-chairs, and look forward to a successful and productive year.
      As we navigate these new waters and I delve deeper into the inner workings of our wonderful community, I am eager to meet more of my neighbors around the neighborhood.  Wishing you and yours a Happy Passover and Easter.