Valencia Shores

Message from the President

A Message From the President
By Larry Schleyer
            As many of you may know, I underwent a much needed hip replacement surgery last month.  While the recovery was a bit harder and longer than anticipated, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who reached out while I was in recovery.  I received many calls, texts and emails with well wishes and I am grateful for your kind and thoughtful words.  I am happy to report that I am feeling stronger and steadier every day.
            I am happy to report that our weekly seafood dinner events with beer and wine at the Shores Bistro have seen large and well received turn outs.  These pop up dinner events, in conjunction with pre-show dinners, happy hours and other special events have proven to be very successful and we are eager to continue providing new and fresh ideas to the community.
            The Athletic Center phase one refresh is mostly completed, with the exception of a few items that have been on back order and are expected to arrive this month.  Additionally, the salon has reopened with an overall spa-like feel and much needed rebranding; including new style stations, washing sinks, waxing station and a new manicure/pedicure station.  If you haven’t stopped by to check out their service menu, I suggest you do so now!  I would especially like to take this time to give a well-deserved shout out to the F&F Committee along with Management and Maintenance for all of their hard work and time invested in this project.  We could not have accomplished this without you.
            Next, hopefully you will have taken note that the new lines have been installed at the pickleball courts and that our courts are being hard rolled with more frequency.  This will help offset dead spots that come with excess rain and play.
            We continue to meet with county and vendor experts to discuss options for the walking path along with areas where trees are blocking light fall.  This will continue to come up in conversation as we plan out the 2024+ tree trimming annual phased project.
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer travels and that you all continue to be safe out there!