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Welcome to the World of Pickleball
Below you will find links to videos from several pickleball sites including
The videos on this page are just a few of the many videos you will find on these sites.  You should also go to these sites for additional information and other videos.
What this page does is sort the videos into various sections, and the video can be used for new players up to intermediates/advanced players.   With each section, there may be some videos that are slightly more advanced techniques (they are marked ADVANCED).  Look at the videos, practice when the courts open with someone else, play the game and possibly take lessons.   That is the only way you will really improve.               
The sections are:
·         Introduction to Pickleball
·         Serving
·         Forehand
·         Backhand
·         Return of Serve
·         Third shot
·         Dinking
·         Lobbing
·         Other techniques
·         Intermediate/Advanced techniques
·         Playing singles
·         Self-practice (especially these times of closure)
Introduction to Pickleball/Selecting a Pickleball Paddle
Pickleball Basics – A good quick overview of pickleball – Basic rules of pickleball – Pickleball scoring
Serving – 3 tips for better serving – Other tips for better serving – General tips  - Top spin serve
Forehand – Forehand basics – Forehand drive
Backhand – Backhand basics – Backhand basics
Return of Serve – Strategies of the return of serve – ADVANCED – slice return of serve

Third short – Basics of dinking and third shot drop – Techniques of the Drop Shot

Dinking  - 5 Tips – Techniques and strategies for dinks – Throw the ball – Avoid popups – ADVANCED – sliced dink
Lobbing – Basic lobbing techniques – Volley lobbying
Other Techniques – Avoid popups – 100 Pickelball strategies
Intermediate Techniques - Top 10 most common intermediate pickleball mistakes – Covering the angles
Playing Singles – Part 1 – Part 2 – Skinny singles (half court singles)
Self-practice – Practicing against a wall – Another way of practicing against a wall – Forehand and backhand practice inside